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Very good work ^^

SanctumV responds:


This brings back memories :D

FScomiX responds:

Glad you like it! Thank you for your comment!

lol I love shamans! ^^ but not the ones in real life...
friggen nearly got killed by them samgomas in SA ^^

ZeTrystan responds:

Wait... what? What happened? XD

oh wow... I made one too a few months back
if you like to see: http://divanios.deviantart.com/art/Steam-Assault-bot-407244335?q=gallery%3ADivanios%2F43483262&qo=12
keep up your work ^^

Syringes responds:

Woo! Steampunk is super fun, isnt it? :D Nice work. ^_^

I love it... and I love those boots! ^^

Syringes responds:

Haha thank you!

Aw man I cant deskribe how awesome this looks! so uh... copy all the coments below and optop of me and paste it here (only the good ones) :D

jouste responds:

Hey thanks!

glad you like him, I thought he came out pretty good.


So... Gues I should get my Army and my Titan tanks in there to see what happend "Lets roll " xD
Anyway this is nice. it makes you wonder what hapend and the glowing looks cool

Syringes responds:

Haha, yea, I do wish I made the basket of apples tipped over though. ><

Cool ....Not much more to say :D

ArkAlpha responds:

Thank you :)

Man... Why didnt I think of that. a half metal bone Centaur Lava-flame thing (Try saying that 3 times in a row). I also made something like this but its more a Meduim sized Lizard with chains on its front Claws. also he is made of Solid rock or iron ^^
ahem.. anyway this is awesome. I realy didnt ecspect this one xD

Syringes responds:

xD Ive always wanted to make something like this, it was going to be a horse only, but I wanted to design it as if it were for diablo, or something. haha, anyway, thank you for your feedback! And maybe you should make that lizard Id love to see it.

the heat of battle ...nothing like It
nice work

Eggabeg responds:

:D thanks! And yeah it was great to try a bit more of an involved composition as opposed to static characters all the time

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